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Golf Cart Policy

Effective Immediately, Kinderlou Forest will not be able to provide extra golf carts to groups. If you are playing in a foursome, your group can only have two carts. We will no longer be able to provide extra carts. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Bag Drop Area

Kinderlou Forest Golf Club is providing a bag drop area for those who would like to use this service. We have signs directing you to the area (Upper Parking Lot). All members are welcome to drop off their golf bag at the bag drop area. A staff member will greet you and assist you with your bag. We hope that you will enjoy this new service and if we can assist you with anything else, please contact us.

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Match & Tournament Results

First Place Team

David Madray
John Crum
David Clark
Bob Leynes
G.C. Ratliff

Second Place Team

Chad Murray
Paul McSwain
Randy McPherson
Jordan Arnett
Mike Bennett

1st – Rusty Parker
2nd – Mark Robinson

Blind Draw Partners
1st – Frank Fagan & Scott Taylor
2nd – Joe Shown & Chad Murray

Close Ups

#5 – Billy Smith
#8 – Brad Shealy
#15 – Jeff Sikes
#17 – Bob Burk


#6 – Turner Armstrong
#7 – Rusty Parker “E”
#11 – Mark Robinson “E”
#14 – Scott Taylor “E”
#16 – Karen Bennett
#18 – James Hurley

1st – Lee Jones
2nd – Wayne Williams
3rd – Charlie Callaway
4th – Thomas Stewart

First Flight

First Place – Jeff Sikes & Dick Campbell
Second Place – Rusty Parker & Chad Smith
Third Place – Steve Seward & Ernie Venet

Second Flight

First Place – Thomas Stewart & Thad Mitchell
Second Place – Brit Rogers & Billy Goddard
Third Place – Robert Hudson & Billy Bradley

Third Flight

First Place – Taylor Biddle & Glen Biddle
Second Place – Ricky Stokes & Brian Shepherd
Third Place – Chris Chastain & Louie Chastain

Fourth Flight

First Place – Jordan Arnett & Craig Klement
Second Place – Paul McSwain & Hugh Franklin
Third Place – Tony Anderson & Doug Swinford

First Flight

First Place – Doug Rayford & Kenny King
Second Place – Rusty Parker & Karen Bennett
Third Place – Luukas Alakulppi & Mika Alakulppi

Second Flight

First Place – Mark Powell & Pat Powell
Second Place – James Hurley & Keith Martin
Third Place – Bill Danbury & Dave Lassiter

Third Flight

First Place – Tony Anderson & Paul McSwain
Second Place – Lee Jones & Sparky Greneker
Third Place – Brad Rayford & Doug Rayford Jr.

Super Senior Flight

Net Winners
1st Place – Ham Cornett
2nd Place – Gary Harrell
3rd Place – Tom McGahee
3rd Place – Art Avant
3rd Place – James Hurley

Gross Winners
1st Place – Berney Armstrong
2nd Place – Tome Getman

Our New Super Senior Champ and Winner of his own parking spot is…Berney Armstrong

Senior Flight

Net Winners
1st Place – Ricky Stokes
2nd Place – Tim Keller
3rd Place – Tony Williams
4th Place – Charlie Callaway

Gross Winners
1st Place – Steve Seward
2nd Place – Randy Terrill

Our New Senior Champ and winner of his own parking spot is…Randy Terrill

Championship Flight

Net Winners
1st Place – Jeff Vanlandingham
2nd Place – Brad Rayford
3rd Place – Chad Murray
4th Place – Turner Armstrong
4th Place – Payne Elkins

Gross Winners
1st Place – David Matthews
2nd Place – Tome Price
2nd Place – Eb Stonestreet

Our Over All Winner and The 2017 Club Champion is…Steve Seward who will also receive his own parking spot!
A big salute to all our members who competed!!!

1st Flight
1st – Randy Terrill and Eb Stonestreet

2nd Flight
1st – Steve Parker and Rusty Parker

3rd Flight
1st – Chris Aurandt and Billy Smith
2nd – Charlie Callaway and Terry McGahee

4th Flight
Tie 1st – Jack Cain and Allen Crews
Tie 1st – Brett Herlocker and Heath Allen

5th Flight
1st – Tony Williams Sr. and Tony Williams Jr.

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